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Switch Microswitch With Lever Right Left 3 Pins Micro Snap-acting

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    Bend Pins Micro Snap-acting Mouse Switch With Lever Feature:Pins: 3Pins;Right Angle Bend: Right/Left For Choice;Size of Body: 12.8mm*5.7mm*6.5mm(LxWxH);For Mouse;With Lever;Mechanical:Operating Force: 60~70gf;Life: ≥ 500,000Cycles;Electrical:Rated V/I: 250VAC/2A, 60VDC/0.4A;Contact Resista..

    Bend Pins Micro Snap-acting Mouse Switch With Lever 

    1. Pins: 3Pins;
    2. Right Angle Bend: Right/Left For Choice;
    3. Size of Body: 12.8mm*5.7mm*6.5mm(LxWxH);
    4. For Mouse;
    5. With Lever;


    1. Operating Force: 60~70gf;
    2. Life: ≥ 500,000Cycles;


    1. Rated V/I: 250VAC/2A, 60VDC/0.4A;
    2. Contact Resistance: ≤30mΩ;
    3. Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ;
    4. Withstand Voltage: 250VAC for 1Min;

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