Experiment Metal Detector Scanner Unassembled 3v 5v DIY KIT

Metal Detector KIT
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The clever part of the design is the single rectangular coil made by etching one continuous track on the printed circuit board. you can see that the rectangular coil is tapped at one turn i.e. a single coil with a precise tapping at one turn. The coil starts at the top side of the double-sided printed circuit board and makes square loops towards the center, A via in the center of the printed circuit board takes the coil to the other side of the printed circuit board and the same set of tracks are on the bottom side.
the circuit includes three bipolar junction transistors, a few resistors, and capacitors. The Audio part in the module is a standard active piezo-buzzer, and there’s also a small trim pot to fine-tune the circuit.
the kit needs to be soldered and needs basic soldering skills.

Here is the basic schematic of the metal detector module. 

schematic of the metal detector module

Dimensions: 66 * 61MM;
Supply voltage: 3-5V;
Maximum detection range: 5CM;
the module’s key specifications, the module is designed to be operated by any low-current 3V–5VDC power supply, but a 3V battery (1.5V x 2 AA or AAA) operation is recommended The board is 1.6mm double-sided fiberglass board.
standby current consumption of the module is under 3mA (at 3VDC) which climbs to around 30mA when inactive state. The anticipated detection distance of the metal detector module is 60mm.
 the metal detector module under test is useful only for detecting large metal objects at a very short distance.