Expansion V5 Sensor Shield Board Shield For Arduino UNO R3

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Sensor Shield Expansion Board Shield V5.0 Electric Building Blocks Module for Arduino UNO R3
1. Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor expansion board is specially designed for Arduino UNO R3 control board and its compatible control board.
2. The laminated design is adopted, and all the I/O ports on the UNO R3 mainboard are introduced. There is two LED, reset buttons, external power interface and so on.
3. The special port is also specially designed.such as a Bluetooth module, etc., is very convenient to use, suitable for beginners.
4. The expansibility, compatibility and ease of use of this sensor expansion board is not necessarily a headache for Arduino beginners.
5.  It can easily connect the common sensors. A sensor only needs a common 3P sensor connection line (no digital connection line and analogue connection line).
6. After completing the circuit connection, the corresponding Arduino program is written to download the sensor data to the Arduino controller. Or receive the wireless module to send back the data, through the computation processing, finally completes your interactive work easily.

Pin description:
1. I/O mouth:
14pcs digital pins, including 6 PWM function pins.
8pcs analogue pins.
2. Board LED, reset button and power supply external port:
Red LED - power indication.
Yellow LED - connect to the D13 pin.
RESET-reset button
5V external power port.

1. IIC interface.
2. Actuator controller interface.
3. Bluetooth module communication interface.
4. For SD card module communication interface.
5. APC220 radio frequency module communication interface.
6. Ultrasonic sensor interface.
7. 12864 liquid crystal serial and parallel interface.

Package Content:
1 x Sensor Shield Expansion Board

Sensor Shield Expansion Board Shield V5.0 ElectricBuilding Block for UNO R3

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