Logic Gate NOR 74HC02

74HC02 Nor Logic Gate
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The Logic Gate NOR 74HC02 is CMOS ( Dual 2-input NAND gate). It has a 14 pin package that contains 4 individual NOR gates in it. The IC power source has been limited to a MAXIMUM OF 6V

The inclusive NOR (Not-OR) gate has an output that is normally at logic level “1” and only goes “LOW” to a logic level “0” when ANY of its inputs are at logic level “1”. 

Logic NOR Gate Equivalent

The logic or Boolean expression is given for a logic NOR gate is that for Logical Multiplication which it performs on the complements of the inputs. The Boolean expression for a logic NOR gate is denoted by a plus sign, ( + ) with a line or Overline, ( ‾‾ ) over the expression to signify the NOT or logical negation of the NOR gate giving us the Boolean expression of A+B = Q.

Then we can define the operation of a 2-input digital logic NOR gate as being:

“If both A and B are NOT true, then Q is true”


The Digital Logic “NOR” Gate 2-input NOR Gate

  Truth Table

2-input NOR Gate
0 0 1
0 1 0
1 0 0
1 1 0
Boolean Expression Q = A+B Read as A OR B gives NOT Q



Logic Gate NOR 74HC02 Datasheet:https://assets.nexperia.com/documents/data-sheet/74HC_HCT02.pdf