Logic Gate XOR 74HC86

74HC86 XOR Logic Gate
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7486 Quad 2-input Exclusive-OR CMOS Gate IC is used as a quad 2-input XOR gate it has 4 XOR gates with two inputs each

The IC diagram is shown below:

  • 4 XOR gates with two inputs each
  • Technology: High-Speed CMOS (HC)
  • Logical operation and pin organization compatible with the LS-TTL family
  • High immunity to noise
  • Very low power consumption, similar to standard CMOS ICS
  • High speed
  • Supply voltage: 2V to 6V
  • Encapsulated: 14 pin DIP


the Boolean expression of the output of the XOR gate is given by combining Multiplication, Addition, and revering of inputs.

If A, B are the inputs of the XOR gate, its output is given as A.B ̅ +( A) ̅.B. It can also be said as (A + B). (A ̅ + B ̅). By applying Demorgan’s law, the output of Boolean expression is also written as (A + B). ((A.B) ̅).
The XOR output is represented as A&nbsp XOR

The Truth Table of XOR 74HC86 Logic Gate:

The truth table of the XOR gate is shown in the below table. From this, it is clear that the XOR gate produces a low logic that is logic ‘0’, at its output, when both the inputs are the same. When the two inputs are different it produces a logic high value i.e logic ‘1’ at its output.

Input Input Output
0 0 1
0 1 0
1 0 0
1 1 1

XOR Gate equivalent circuit

The EX-OR gate is defined as, the hybrid logic gate with 2 or more inputs to perform the exclusive Disjunction operation.  The XOR circuit with 2 inputs is designed by using AND, OR and NOT gates are shown above.

The output of 2 input XOR gate is HIGH only when one of its inputs is high. If both the inputs are the same, then the output is LOW.