Raspberry Pi RPi3 7 inch Touchscreen Display Case Enclosure Black

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VAT Inc.

Protect your new  7″ Raspberry Pi Touchscreen with this premium black case! Designed to house a Raspberry Pi B+/2/3 and the official 7″ LCD Touchscreen, it leaves the touchscreen front and Raspberry Pi ports fully available, but encloses the unit completely.

It’s also fitted with two non-slip rubber feet, and an edge bezel that improves the appearance of the screen, whilst keeping the board neatly tucked away behind it. It’s even got a slot in the top for the Raspberry Pi camera!

Please Note: This case requires screen orientation in the configuration to be rotated – please follow the guide here on how to do this!

In one of the recent Raspbian updates they have changed the orientation of the LCD output and touch coordinates. This could be a problem for you if you purchased a case and stand that has a fixed orientation. Fear not! It's really easy to flip it back round...

Simply edit your /boot/config.txt file, and add the following line:


That's it! Told you it was easy :)

Please Note: Raspberry Pi Touchscreen and Raspberry Pi are not included


  • Durable and hard wearing ABS Plastic
  • Cut outs for all connections such as USB, HDMI, Composite, Power, etc.
  • Micro SD card hidden for security
  • Fully enclosed touchscreen and Pi increases portability
  • Camera board connector slot
  • Wall mount feature
  • Includes 4x fixing screws to attach the touchscreen
  • Clip off rear cover for Pi access

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