USB Soldering Iron 5V 8W

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VAT Inc.

Fully functioning usb powered soldering iron.

Small and compact for portability.

Rapid heat up and instant recovery.

Heating up in 15 seconds.

Cooling down in less than 30 seconds.

Touch the metal point again to re-start work sightly touching the metal point on the body of the soldering pen,then the led light will be lightened up and jop can be started

If the item left unused for 25 seconds,the led light will be turned off and the pen will get into sleeping mode automatically

Type : USB soldering iron

Heating time : less than 15 seconds

Cooling time : less than 30 seconds

Protective cap : screw on

Auto shut off : 25 second idle

Led indicator : yes

Power : 8W

Input : USB5 V

Touch switch : yes

Dimensions (w x h x d) : 172mm x 18mm x 18mm

Package includes:

1 x Soldering iron

1 x Usb cable

2 x Small iron accessories

Tags: soldering; tools