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Power Supply - PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black

The PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black is a Home Charger able to give 3.4A  Dut..
35.00 AED

Leonardo Ethernet W5500 With POE RobotDYN

The Leonardo + Ethernet (Leonardo ETH) is a microcontroller based on the ATmega32U4 and the new W550..
179.00 AED

Keypad Capacitive Touch 16 keys TTP229 I2C module RobotDYN

TP229 I2C Module has 16 capacitive inputs and gives you the ability to use the Keypad Capacitiv..
19.00 AED

ESP8266 WIFI MicroPython Board Mini Format RobotDYN

Using MicroPython is a great way to get the most of your MicroPython ESP8266 D1 MINI board..
79.00 AED


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DC-DC LM338T Adjustable Voltage Regulator

 Here is the LM338 Adjustable DC power supply circuit, 1.2V to 30V.  It can provide a curr..
4.00 AED

DC-DC Voltage Regulator Adjustable Voltage Regulator LM317

The LM317 device is an adjustable three-terminal positive-voltage regulator capable of supplying mor..
5.00 AED

DC-DC Voltage Regulator IC 12V 1.5A L7812CV

Primary input voltage: 13.5V Fixed output voltage: 12V Voltage drop: 2V Pin Count: 3 Output Current:..
2.00 AED

DC-DC Voltage Regulator IC 5V 1.5A L7805CV

Manufacturer Part No: L7805CVPackage / Case: TO-220RoHS: YesDatasheet: Click HereSpecifications..
2.00 AED

DC-DC Voltage Regulator Low Dropout 3.3V IC LM1117T

The LM1117 is a series of low dropout voltage regulators with a dropout of 1.2V at 800mA of load cur..
5.00 AED

Ic Decade Counter Divider Cd4017be Dip-16

The CD4017 is a CMOS Decade counter IC. CD4017 is used for low range counting applications. It can c..
5.00 AED


These 8-bit flip-flops feature 3-state outputs designed specifically for driving highly capacitive o..
6.00 AED

Ic Ht12d Decoder Ic For Remote Control Systems Dip-18 (Per Piece)

FEATURESStandby Current Max.: 4µAOperating Voltage Max.: 12VOperating Current Max.: 400µAOutput Driv..
5.00 AED

Ic Ht12e Encoder For Remote Control Systems Dip-18 (Per Piece)

HT12E is able to operate in a wide voltage range from 2.4V to 12V and has a built in oscillator whic..
5.00 AED

IC LED Display Driver (8-digit) MAX7219CNG DIP24

The MAX7219CNG is a compact, serial input/output common-cathode display driver that can interface mi..
8.00 AED

IC Logic Gate 74LS00N

IC Logic Gate 74LS00N..
6.00 AED

IC Logic Gate 74LS02N

IC Logic Gate 74LS02N..
6.00 AED

IC Logic Gate 74LS04N

IC Logic Gate 74LS04N..
6.00 AED

IC Logic Gate 74LS08N

IC Logic Gate 74LS08N..
6.00 AED

IC Logic Gate 74LS112AN

IC Logic Gate 74LS112AN..
6.00 AED