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GSM + BLE LED Control RePhone Lumi Kit

RePhone Lumi Kit is specially designed for LED lovers - embedding the Xadow GSM+BLE module into your..
89.00 AED

Arduino Grove Beginner Starter Kit Compatible Board With 10 Sensors

Learning Arduino beginners is hard because You need to learn hardware knowledge, programming code, a..
150.00 AED

SAMD21 Seeeduino XIAO - Arduino Microcontroller - Cortex M0+

The Seeeduino XIAO is the smallest member of the Seeeduino family. Seeeduino XIAO has the CPU-ARM® C..
39.00 AED

WiFi Seeeduino Cloud Development Board (Yun Compatible )

Seeeduino Cloud is a microcontroller board based on Dragino WiFi IoT module HE and ATmega3..
159.00 AED


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Heat Gun 220v 50Hz BST-8016

Heat gun great for monitors and phone screen and strip paint, shrink heat shrink tubing, s..
50.00 AED

Solder Lead Wire 100g 1mm Rosin Flux Core Alloy 60/40 Tin

Composition of solder: Tin of 60% / Lead of 40%Gumboil: CF-10 - gloss oil activated.ROH1 gumboil cla..
25.00 AED

Solder Lead Wire 200g 0.5mm Rosin Flux Core Alloy 60/40 Tin

Solder Lead Wire 200g 0.5mm 2% Rosin Flux Core Alloy 60/40 Tin Makes It Easy to solder Convenie..
40.00 AED

Solder Lead Wire 200g 1mm Rosin Flux Core Alloy 60/40 Tin

40.00 AED

Solder Paste Flux GOOT BS-10

Solder Paste Flux GOOT BS-10Best Quality Product. Ideal for both professional as well as hobby users..
15.00 AED

Solder Paste Flux Grease RMA 223

10cc Syringe BGA SMD Solder Soldering Paste Flux Grease RMA-223 Features :The RMA-223 is a..
15.00 AED

Solder Paste Flux Grease RMA 223 With Needle and Pusher

Type: RMA-223  (Made in china)Volume: 10ml/10ccDimension: 93 x 33 x 23mmColor: Yellow Feat..
19.00 AED

Solder Paste Flux Grease ZJ-18 50g

The main function or use of Solder Paste Flux Grease  ZJ-18 in any PCB Soldering or r..
10.00 AED

Solder SMD Removal Kit chipQuik Alloy 2.5ft Flux Alcohol Pads, Leaded - SMD1

chipQuik is a powerful desoldering tool that makes removing even the smallest surface mount package ..
119.00 AED

Solder Wick 2mm x 1.5m

Desoldering braid (wick) is a copper braid used in the rework and repair of printed circuit boards, ..
19.00 AED

Soldering Iron GOOT KS-60R 220V Power 60W

GOOT products are not only popular in Japan, also there are more than 60 agents in Asia, Europe, Afr..
25.00 AED

Soldering Iron Stand Holder Metal Pads Generic

A soldering iron stand is used to keep the hot soldering iron away from you and ..
10.00 AED

Soldering Iron UK plug 40W Adel

Professional soldering tool, great for lead-free soldering semiconductors Iron plated tip and stainl..
30.00 AED

Soldering Iron With Temperature Control

Soldering Iron With Temperature Control..
50.00 AED

Soldering SMT SMD Practice Board Kit With Component

SMT SMD Soldering Practice Board Soldering DIY Kit contains the following components: Resistors Diod..
79.00 AED