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Power Supply - PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black

The PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black is a Home Charger able to give 3.4A  Dut..
35.00 AED

Leonardo Ethernet W5500 With POE RobotDYN

The Leonardo + Ethernet (Leonardo ETH) is a microcontroller based on the ATmega32U4 and the new W550..
179.00 AED

Keypad Capacitive Touch 16 keys TTP229 I2C module RobotDYN

TP229 I2C Module has 16 capacitive inputs and gives you the ability to use the Keypad Capacitiv..
19.00 AED

ESP8266 WIFI MicroPython Board Mini Format RobotDYN

Using MicroPython is a great way to get the most of your MicroPython ESP8266 D1 MINI board..
79.00 AED

Wireless & IoT

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Air602 WiFi Development Board

The Air602 WiFi Development Board is based on Air602 Wi-Fi module and integrated USB interface and A..
29.00 AED

Audio Bluetooth Receiver with Command Transmission and Stereo Amplifier Module BK8000L

This Bluetooth module is designed specifically for Bluetooth speaker products.can receive Bluetooth ..
16.00 AED

Bluetooth 4.0 AT-05 BLE Module compatible HM-10

If you are in need of such a 4.0 BLE Bluetooth module, MCU can be set up,also can controlled by a re..
15.00 AED

Bluetooth 4.0 NRF iBeacon BLE 51822 With Accelerometer

The NRF51822 beacon module is a portable iBeacon tag with ultra low power chip set NRF51822&nbs..
39.00 AED

Bluetooth 4.0 WAVGAT iBeacon Module BLE

iBeacon  Module Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Support Near-field Positioning Sensor Wireless AcquisitionThi..
69.00 AED

Bluetooth HC-05 Module for Arduino 6pin JY-MCU

This class 2 Bluetooth module comes programmed with firmware that allows it to pass the output of a ..
25.00 AED

Bluetooth HC-06 Wireless Transceiver Serial Module For Arduino

The Bluetooth wireless serial port module, Drop-in replacement for wired serial connections, transpa..
25.00 AED

Bluetooth MDBT50Q-1M nRF52840 Based BLE Module

MDBT50Q-1 is a BT 5.0 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF52..
75.00 AED

Bluetooth MDBT50Q-U1M nRF52840 Based BLE Module

MDBT50Q-U1M is a BT 5.0 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF..
89.00 AED

Bluetooth Module JDY-31

JDY-31 Bluetooth is based on Bluetooth 3.0 SPP design, which can support Windows, Linux, android dat..
25.00 AED

Bluetooth nRF52840 MDK USB Dongle

The nRF52840 Micro Dev Kit USB Dongle is a small and low-cost development platform enabled by the nR..
99.00 AED

Bluetooth nRF52840 MDK USB Dongle w/Case

The nRF52840  MDK USB Dongle is a small and low-cost development platform enabled by the nRF528..
169.00 AED

Bluetooth nRF52840 Micro Development Kit

The nRF52840-MDK is a versatile, easy-to-use IoT hardware platform for Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth Mesh, ..
299.00 AED

Bluetooth nRF52840 Module with Ceramic Antenna

This product is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module using Nordic NRF52840 SoC solution. The nRF52840 i..
69.00 AED

Bluetooth Transceiver BK3231 HC-05 06 Compatible

It is compatible with HC-05/06 slave mode, support Bluetooth SPP protocol, transmission speed up to ..
25.00 AED