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Connector Amphenol FCI Clincher Terminal (2 Position, Female)

The FCI Clincher™ connector includes features that optimize reliability at both the termin..
15.75 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)..
26.25 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.

Logic Voltage Converter

Logic Voltage Converter is a device used for connecting to devices with different voltages like 5v and 3.3v so if we want to connect two of these devices together we might destroy the 3.3v device or the 5v device might not understand the 3.3v logic signals, this Logic Voltage Converter helps us to connect those devices without any worry.

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Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional Module 4 channel 5V to 3.3V

Some boards or Modules GPIO pins work with 3.3V logic levels and are not 5V tolerant like Raspberry ..
5.25 AED
VAT Inc.

Logic Level Converter High Speed Full Duplex 8 Channel TXS0108E

TXS0108E High-Speed Full-Duplex 8 channel Logic Level Converter, to connect a 3.3V device to a 5V sy..
5.78 AED
VAT Inc.

Logic Level Shifter Converter 4 Channels 5v to 3v3

working with a 5v I2C device on a 3.3v I2C bus can either destroy the device immediately... red..
4.20 AED
VAT Inc.