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Connector Amphenol FCI Clincher Terminal (2 Position, Female)

The FCI Clincher™ connector includes features that optimize reliability at both the termin..
15.75 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)..
26.25 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.


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FM Radio Station Stereo Receiver Module 76mhz-108mhz (Not Soldered)

This simple kit allows you to build a complete high-quality digital Stereo FM Receiver capable of re..
28.35 AED
VAT Inc.

FM Radio Station Transmitter Module for Arduino

FM Transmitter made out with KT0803K based board and it is controlled by famous Arduino UNO board. I..
51.45 AED
VAT Inc.

FM Stereo Radio Module Tuner TEA5767

pre{ height:400px; border: 2px solid grey; line-height:1.4em; background:linear-gradient(..
19.95 AED
VAT Inc.