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Power Supply - PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black

The PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black is a Home Charger able to give 3.4A  Dut..
35.00 AED

Leonardo Ethernet W5500 With POE RobotDYN

The Leonardo + Ethernet (Leonardo ETH) is a microcontroller based on the ATmega32U4 and the new W550..
179.00 AED

Keypad Capacitive Touch 16 keys TTP229 I2C module RobotDYN

TP229 I2C Module has 16 capacitive inputs and gives you the ability to use the Keypad Capacitiv..
19.00 AED

ESP8266 WIFI MicroPython Board Mini Format RobotDYN

Using MicroPython is a great way to get the most of your MicroPython ESP8266 D1 MINI board..
79.00 AED


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Color Recognition Sensor Module TCS3200

The TCS3200 is a color sensor which has an array of photodiodes. To detect color, the photodiodes ar..
29.00 AED

Color RGB sensor module GY-31 TCS3200 Recognition Module For Arduino RobotDYN

The TCS3200 and TCS3210 programmable color light-to-frequency converters that combine configurable s..
25.00 AED

Color RGB Sensor Tcs34725

1. Red, Green, Blue (RGB), and White Light Sensing with IR Blocking Filter2. Programmable Analog Gai..
47.00 AED

Color Sensor Recognition Module GY-31 TCS3200

chip: TCS3200Input voltage: DC 3 - 5VUse bright white LED lightsCan be connected directly with Micro..
29.00 AED

IR Array Breakout - 55 Degree FOV, MLX90640 (Qwiic) , Thermal Camera

The MLX90640 IR Array Breakout is equipped with a 32x24 array of thermopile sensors creating, in ess..
285.00 AED

IR Barrier Sensor E18-D80NK

Tunable 3-80cm; E18-D50NK; infrared obstacle avoidance sensor; close switch; smart carProduct Descri..
49.00 AED

IR Distance Sensor GP2Y0A21YK0F With Cables

pre{ border: 2px solid grey; line-height:1.4em; background:linear-gradient(180deg,#ccc 0,#..
65.00 AED

IR Distance Sensor with Cables - Sharp Infrared Sensor Module GP2Y0A02YK0F

GP2Y0A02YK0F is a distance measuring sensor unit,composed of an integrated combination of PSD(positi..
99.00 AED

IR Flame and Fire Sensor Module KY-026

The KY 026 module is a device made for the Arduino or any MCU to detect any sign of flame ..
6.00 AED

IR Flame Sensor Module For Arduino

A flame detector is a sensor designed to detect and respond to the presence of a flame or ..
9.00 AED

IR Flame Sensor Module RobotDYN

The flame sensor module can be used to detect fire or other lights whose wavelength is 760nm - 1100n..
9.00 AED

IR Infrared Barrier Sensor, Obstacle Avoidance RobotDYN

The sensor module light is adaptable to the environment, it has a pair of infrared transmitting and ..
9.00 AED

IR Infrared Digital Receiver Module RobotDYN

IR is widely used in the remote control. With this IR receiver, the Arduino project is able to recei..
9.00 AED

IR Infrared Emission Transmitter Module KY-005

The KY-005 infrared transmitter module is can transmit infrared signals at a frequency of 38kHz and ..
6.00 AED

IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module

IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module has a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving tubes..
5.00 AED