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Connector Amphenol FCI Clincher Terminal (2 Position, Female)

The FCI Clincher™ connector includes features that optimize reliability at both the termin..
15.75 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)..
26.25 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.

Advanced Tools

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Badusb Beetle Virtual Keyboard Development Board ATMEGA32U4 with WIFI ESP8266 CJMCU

This Module can be used for making a Virtual keyboard or Hacking   it ..
114.45 AED
VAT Inc.

Badusb Pro Micro Mini SS Virtual Keyboard ATmega32u4 Board Beetle Compatible

Micro SS is a microcontroller board based on ATmeag32U4. it has 14 digital general-purpose input/out..
40.95 AED
VAT Inc.

Badusb USB Virtual Keyboard ATMEGA32U4 Module with MicroSD Slot

This Module can be used for making a Virtual keyboard or Hacking !!BadUSB is a dangerous USB securit..
57.75 AED
VAT Inc.

USB Discharge Load Resistor

Interesting product. I use it for load testing USB power supplieswhen I am selecting the latest and ..
9.45 AED
VAT Inc.