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Connector Amphenol FCI Clincher Terminal (2 Position, Female)

The FCI Clincher™ connector includes features that optimize reliability at both the termin..
15.75 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Red (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 10AWG Red (50Cm)..
26.25 AED
VAT Inc.

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)

Wire Silicone 12AWG Black (50Cm)..
21.00 AED
VAT Inc.


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FPGA Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE Development Board

Altera’s new Cyclone® IV FPGA device family extends the Cyclone FPGA series leadership in provi..
408.45 AED
VAT Inc.

FPGA Altera Cycloneii EP2C5T144 Development Board

With ALTERA company Cyclone II EP2C5T144 you can design your processor in a software tool on your co..
207.90 AED
VAT Inc.

Programmer Altera USB MAX II CPLD Blaster / FPGA

USB MAX II Blaster (Altera CPLD / FPGA Programmer) NIOS JTAG is a USB ISP programmer for p..
45.15 AED
VAT Inc.