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Power Supply - PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black

The PSU Adapter 5V 3.4A Type-C UK Plug Black is a Home Charger able to give 3.4A  Dut..
35.00 AED

Leonardo Ethernet W5500 With POE RobotDYN

The Leonardo + Ethernet (Leonardo ETH) is a microcontroller based on the ATmega32U4 and the new W550..
179.00 AED

Keypad Capacitive Touch 16 keys TTP229 I2C module RobotDYN

TP229 I2C Module has 16 capacitive inputs and gives you the ability to use the Keypad Capacitiv..
19.00 AED

ESP8266 WIFI MicroPython Board Mini Format RobotDYN

Using MicroPython is a great way to get the most of your MicroPython ESP8266 D1 MINI board..
79.00 AED

Cables & Connectors

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3D Printer Accessories 4Pins 70cm Female-female Dupont Cable

70CM 4 Pin Female to Female Dupont Cable For 3D Printer. A wire w..
4.00 AED

3d Printer Accessories Female To Female Dupont Cable 70cm 2pin

This is 70CM 2 Pin Female to Female Dupont Cable For 3D Printer – 2Pcs. A wire jumper wire generally..
3.00 AED

3d Printer Accessories Female To Female Dupont Cable 70cm 4pin

3d Printer Accessories  Female To Female Dupont Cable 70cm 4pin This is 70CM 4 Pin Female ..
4.00 AED

3D Printer Accessories Stepper Cable Connection Line white 1.5M

Our 4-Wire 6-Pin Stepper Motor Cables are the convenient solution for connecting stepper motor&..
11.00 AED

Adapter 28Pin IC Socket 0.3

Contact Resistance               30M Ohm..
2.00 AED

Adapter 8Pin IC Socket 0.3

Made for easy removal or replace IC without desoldering.SpecificationsContact Resistance30M Ohms Max..
2.00 AED

Adapter USB Female Type-A TO 4 Pins DIP Breakout

If you have a microcontroller that can act as a USB host, then you will need a way to plug in USB ca..
2.00 AED

Adapter USB male Type-A TO 4 Pins DIP Breakout

Do you want to connect your project to a USB which can power and give USB data line to connections, ..
2.00 AED

Alligator Clip Jumper Wire Double Ended Crocodile (Per Piece)

A crocodile clip (also alligator clip) is a sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws which is used..
2.50 AED

Battery Snap 9V Clip with Barrel Jack Plug or Connector

the easiest way to connect an Arduino to External power source is using a 9V battery, with thes..
5.00 AED

Cable 1 Female Connector to 2 Male Plug Splitter Y Shape for CCTV Camera & DC Power LED Strip

CCTV Camera and LED Strip Cable 1 Female to 2 Male DC Power Connector Y Shape 5.5x2.1mm Pl..
15.00 AED

Cable for Logic Analyzer Test Hook Clip Probe (30cm) (Per Piece)

1 channel Quality Test Hook Clip Logic Analyzer Test Folder point Dupont folder cable with Hook Clip..
3.00 AED

Cable For Multimeter Test Hook Clip Probe Test Equipment C18 Banana Plug

Color: Black / RedMaterial: SiliconeSpecifications:Red: positive Black: negativeConvenient to useIt ..
9.00 AED

Cable for Multimeter Test Leads Wires Probes SMD Inductor Test Clip Meter Multimeter Wire Tips for Resistor Multimeter Capacitor

The item is a brand new meter clip probe for SMD components measure. This clip probe is suitabl..
25.00 AED

Cable for Raspberry Pi Zero "Stub" Camera Cable - 38mm

Just plug it into your Pi Zero's camera port and then the other end into one of the official Pi Came..
13.00 AED