RGB LED For Arduino

AED 3.15



RGB LED is an led with 3 colored led's embedded inside , it can give you any color with a combination of the 3 RGB led colors 

is can be used for arduino raspberry pi stm pic or any microcontroller 

Foot length: 16-18mm

Voltage: 2.0-2.2V (Red Yellow Green), 2.8-3.2V (Blue)

In this video, u can start to learn how to use an RGB led with Arduino:

a very interesting type of LED. As you can see I have connected this LED to an Arduino Uno and every second it changes its color. That’s very handy because we can use only one LED in our projects and produce many colors!

But what is an RGB LED? An RGB LED is a light emitting diode which can display any color we want. It consists of 3 discrete LEDs, a RED, a GREEN, and a BLUE LED housed in a single package. So by combining these 3 colors we can create any color. As you can see, the RGB LED has 4 pins. So far the LEDs we were using only had 2 pins. The pins are used in order to control the color of the LED. The longest pin is either the anode or the cathode depending on the type of the RGB LED. The LED I have bought is a common cathode LED so the longest leg will be connected to GND. If it was a common anode LED, the longest pin would connect to 5V. The other three pins are Red, Green, and Blue. Let’s connect this RGB LED to Arduino and see how to make it work.