Keyestudio Basic Starter V2.0 Kit for Arduino KS0403

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With the Basic Starter V2.0 Upgraded Kit from Keyestudio you can unlock the world of Arduino because it is designed for enthusiasts and beginners, this kit equips you with a selection of Arduino's most essential electronic components. Dive into the realm of electronics, programming, and innovation with ease.


Features of this kit:

  • Comprehensive Learning: dive into the universe of Arduino using our comprehensive tutorial. It includes project introductions, connection diagrams, source code, and more. Whether you're starting with basic concepts or venturing into advanced projects, this kit is your gateway to Arduino mastery.
  • Sensor-Powered Projects: Control and interact with the physical world using a diverse array of sensors included in this kit. From temperature and humidity monitoring to motion detection, this kit empowers you to craft projects limited only by your imagination.


The Basic Starter V2.0 Upgraded Kit for Arduino includes a diverse set of components that can be used to create a wide range of projects:

  1. LED Blinking: Start with the basics by creating simple LED blinking patterns. Experiment with different colors and configurations.
  2. Temperature and Humidity Monitor: Use the DHT11 sensor to build a temperature and humidity monitoring system. Display the data on the 1602 LCD display.
  3. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement: Employ the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor to measure distances accurately. Create a distance measurement device and display the results on the LCD.
  4. Digital Thermometer: Utilize the LM35 temperature sensor to build a digital thermometer that provides real-time temperature readings.
  5. IR Remote Control: Develop an IR remote control system using the IR receiver and remote control module. Control LEDs or other components remotely.
  6. Buzzer Music Player: Create a musical melody by programming the active buzzer. Compose tunes and play them using the buzzer.
  7. LED Matrix Display: Design scrolling text messages or animations on the 8x8 LED matrix. Experiment with different visual effects.
  8. Digital Clock: Build a digital clock using the 4-digit LED module. Display the time in hours and minutes.
  9. Servo Motor Control: Explore robotics by using the servo motor to control the movement of a small object or robot arm.
  10. Light-Activated System: Use the photoresistor to create a light-activated system. For example, turn on LEDs when it gets dark.
  11. Flame Detector: Develop a flame detection system using the flame sensor. This can be used for fire safety applications.
  12. Motion-Activated Alarm: Create a motion-activated alarm system using the PIR motion sensor. Detect movement and trigger an alarm or light.
  13. Relay-Controlled Devices: Control high-power devices like fans or lights using the relay module. Automate home appliances or lighting systems.
  14. Interactive Game: Design a simple interactive game using the large button switch and LEDs. Challenge your programming and creativity.
  15. Weather Station: Build a weather station that collects temperature, humidity, and other environmental data. Display the information on the LCD.
  16. Remote-Controlled Car: Combine various components like motors, servos, and sensors to create a remote-controlled car or robot.
  17. Home Automation: Experiment with home automation concepts by controlling lights or appliances remotely via the IR remote control.
  18. Security System: Develop a basic security system with the ball tilt sensor. Trigger alarms or notifications when the sensor detects movement or tilting.

These project ideas cover a wide range of applications and skill levels, making the Basic Starter V2.0 Upgraded Kit a valuable resource for Arduino enthusiasts and learners. As you gain experience, you can create more complex projects and explore your own innovative ideas.


Kit Contents:

No. Product Name Quantity Picture
1 LED - Blue 5 Link
2 LED - Red 5 Link
3 LED - Yellow 5 Link
4 LED - RGB 1 Link
5 220Ω resistor 8 Link
6 10KΩ resistor 5 Link
7 1KΩ resistor 5 Link
8 103 Potentiometer 1 Link
9 Buzzer (active) 1 Link
10 Buzzer (passive) 1 Link
11 Large button switch 4 Link
12 Ball tilt sensor 2 Link
13 Photo Resistor 3 Link Link Link
14 Flame sensor 1 Link
15 LM35 Temp Sensor 1 Link
16 IC 74HC595N 16-pin DIP 1 Link
17 1-digit LED module 1 Link
18 4-digit LED module 1 Link
19 8x8 LED Matrix 1 Link
20 1602 LCD display 1 Link
21 IR receiver 1 Link
22 IR remote control 1 Link
23 Servo Motor 1 Link
24 Pin headers 40 Link
25 830-hole Breadboard 1 Link
26 Jumper Wire 30 Link
27 6-cell AA Battery Pack 1 Link
28 USB Cable 1 Link
29 L293D chip 1 Link
30 Relay module 1 Link
31 PIR Motion Sensor 1 Link
32 HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor 1 Link
33 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor 1 Link
34 Motor 1 Link
35 Fan Leaf 1 Link