Motor Driver Module Shield 1A L293B 2 Motors RobotDYN

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The Arduino Motor Shield is your gateway to precise control over multiple motors for your projects. With this versatile shield, you can effortlessly manage two DC motors, altering their speed, and direction, and even halting their movement. Additionally, the shield allows you to command a single bipolar stepper motor, boasting a remarkable power capacity of up to 2A. Crafted around the advanced L293 chip, this shield empowers you to independently govern each motor, offering a new level of flexibility and control. Whether you're seeking to create dynamic robotic systems, automated machinery, or intricate motion projects, the Arduino Motor Shield delivers the tools you need to realize your vision.



  • Chip: L293
  • Control Voltage (Logic): 5V (From MCU to the Board)
  • Driven Voltage (Motor):6.5~12v(VIN Power Supply),4.8~35V (from External Power Source only)
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 5W
  • Load Current: Total - 2A (1A per channel)


Key Features:

  • Independent Control: Seamlessly regulate two DC motors with distinct speed and direction settings, enabling precise control over movement patterns.
  • Stepper Motor Compatibility: Effortlessly command a single bipolar stepper motor with exceptional power capabilities up to 2A.
  • Versatile Voltage Support: Enjoy a wide supply voltage range of 5-36V, accommodating diverse power sources for your motors.
  • Visual Indication: Each motor's rotation direction is conveniently indicated by a dedicated LED on the board, aiding quick visual assessment.
  • PWM Speed Control: Fine-tune motor speed with precision using the standard PWM mode, controlled via the Arduino's PWM pins.
  • Arduino Compatibility: Easily insert the shield into popular Arduino boards such as Uno, Duemilanove, and Mega, expanding your project possibilities.
  • Efficient Power Management: The shield ensures efficient power utilization, with a maximum power consumption of 5W, enabling optimal performance.
  • Easy Setup: The shield comes with clear pinouts and a straightforward interface, streamlining your integration process.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Arduino 2Motors Shield