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Potentiometer - Adjustable Analog Slide B10K Pot

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    This is a 10kOhm slide potentiometer Size: 88 * 15mm.Port: Analog.Resistance: 10K.Slide potentiometers module.Applications of Sliding Adjustable Potentiometer Module:DIY projects.Arduino projects.Raspberry-Pi projects.Electrical/Electronic projects.Robotic projects...
    This is a 10kOhm slide potentiometer 
    • Size: 88 * 15mm.
    • Port: Analog.
    • Resistance: 10K.
    • Slide potentiometers module.

    Applications of Sliding Adjustable Potentiometer Module:

    • DIY projects.
    • Arduino projects.
    • Raspberry-Pi projects.
    • Electrical/Electronic projects.
    • Robotic projects.

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