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Arduino Mega Basic Starter Kit Y14

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    Mega 2560 R3 development board x 1USB cable x 1Blue LED x 5Yellow LED x 5Red LED x 510k Potentiometer x 1Active buzzer x 1Passive buzzer x 1Small push button x 4Jumper Wires of assorted Colors x 30830 breadboard x 17 segment LED x 1220 ohms resistor x 81k ohms resistor x 510k ohms resistor x 5SW-520..

    Mega 2560 R3 development board x 1

    USB cable x 1

    Blue LED x 5

    Yellow LED x 5

    Red LED x 5

    10k Potentiometer x 1

    Active buzzer x 1

    Passive buzzer x 1

    Small push button x 4

    Jumper Wires of assorted Colors x 30

    830 breadboard x 1

    7 segment LED x 1

    220 ohms resistor x 8

    1k ohms resistor x 5

    10k ohms resistor x 5

    SW-520D Tilt sensor x 2

    photoresistor x 2

    Flame Sensor x 1

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